Photography is so much more than just an art, its our ability to make the constructs that we perceive in our minds, tangible. Our Camera becomes a part of us, the lens function as our eyes, enhancing our ability to see far more than meets our naked eye.  The art of photography resides within almost every object, however its up to the artist/photographer to implement their love and passion and allow their perception of the object to shine through in each picture that is captured.

Its that very passion, that enables us at InstaGlam to take pride in every event or occasion that we undertake.  We are able to fit your needs while we implement our own ideas.  Working together to capture and preserve some of the greatest moments that life delivers to us.

Here at InstaGlam we specialize in many types of photography, from natural or candid photography (no poses), staged photography (props and backgrounds or outdoor scenery used to deliver the appeal that is sort after), We adore working with outdoor scenery and lighting, but can also accommodate the option of an indoor photo shoot.

Word of mouth from our satisfied customers is our main source of advertisement here at InstaGlam.   We strive to exceed every individual’s initial expectation of our work together!  The driver of our passion are the reactions that we get from our customers while working with us  from scheduling your appointment  all the way to the smile and referral of surpassed satisfaction at the end!